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Fast to Pitch - Built to Last

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Weather Resistant Fabrics

Golden Bear Tents uses quality fabrics sealed to protect from wetness.

Environmentally Conscious

Our tents are made as efficiently and brought to you with as little of an environmental footprint as possible, while maximizing actual footprint.

Crafted with Attention

We don't make tents, we craft them with attention to detail and pride in production.

Golden Bear Tents Logo


The Great Outdoors is Our Passion. Be it the back yard or the back country, if we are outside we are happy. Our tents give you the comforts of a home away from home. Golden Bear Tents are designed by experts, but are easy to pitch for campers of all experience levels.

All of our tents have big windows and doors that open wide. Each tent has a removable rain fly for shade, rain and wind protection. They use a tub design to keep the inside dry when it gets wet outside. No-see-um mesh, quality zippers, and velcro sealed accessory ports keep creepy crawlers out where they belong.

Golden Bear Tents Logo


Screen House

10' x 10' Base, 84" Height

Elegant solution for enjoying the great outdoors with protection from pesky critters. The whole family can have room to enjoy a pest free warm weather day, shielded by no-see-um mesh walls and PE ground skirts.

Speed Up Tent

12' x 9' Base, 78" Height, Sleeps 8

Shelter for a large family in about a minute. This tent has four roll down windows, large circular door, standing room interior height, gear loft, storage shelves, utility cable pass through. Proven tub style PE floor and telescoping steel pole support.


Cabin Tent

13' x 9' Base, 80" Height, Sleeps 8

Cabin tent that maximizes shoulder space with vertical steel walls and a panoramic no-see-um mesh roof. Doors on opposite sides and six windows open the cabin tent up and make for a nice airy stay.

Dome Tent

14' x 10' Base, 78" Height, Sleeps 8

Golden Bear's pride and joy, this tent is by far our favorite. Standing height fiberglass reinforced pole dome tent that is a breeze to set up. A fabric wall zips down to give the tent the privacy of two individual rooms. With the fly off, enjoy wide panoramic views through no-see-um mesh walls, tall 'D' doors, and ample storage pockets.



A collection of shelters like no other.
Experience the ultimate in glamping - camping glamourously.
These tents are designed to radically change how you stay outdoors.

Timber Lodge

15' x 12' Base, 84" Height, Sleeps 8

The Golden Bear Explorer Series TIMBER LODGE is an elegant mansion of a tent that is easy to set up anywhere. Accomodate an entire group in luxury with a bug-free screen room entryway. Standing room abounds with this 8' tall shelter, featuring maximum shoulder room by virtue of the vertical steel frame walls. The removable rain fly reveals a panoramic moon roof so you can see the stars.

Cypress Grove

20' x 10' Base, 78" Height, Sleeps 10

The Golden Bear Explorer Series CYPRESS GROVE is a expedition proven tunnel style tent that goes up quickly and shelters up to 10 people. Amazing amount of protected space with the No-See-Um mesh screen room patio that leads in to the quanset style main room. A pre-attached rainfly creates an airy living space that is protected from the elements.

Golden Bear Tents Logo

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Our tents use industry leading technology giving you shelter in under a minute. Speed-Up Technology by Golden Bear adds ergonomic clicking buttons to telescoping steel support poles that gives immediate haptic feeback when the support is locked into position.

Factory Tested, Family Approved

Engineers designed a safe and sound technology so that your whole family will feel secure and comfortible in our tents. Our tents can be pitched by only one person, but are way more fun when everyone is a helper.

Shelter in a Minute!

Once unwrapped from the carry bag and compression straps, and folded out, setup takes around one minute to get a standing structure. It will take another minute or two to stake out the tent, and to attach the rainfly.


Check out the videos below to find out all about how to pitch our tents!

Tent Setup Features
10' x 10' Video Video
12' x 9' Video Video
13' x 9' Video Video
14' x 10' Video Video
15' x 12' Video Video
20' x 10' Video Video

Golden Bear 10' x 10' Speed Up Screen House
10' x 10' Video
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Golden Bear 12' x 9' Speed Up Tent
12' x 9' Video
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Golden Bear 13' x 9' Cabin Tent
13' x 9' Video
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Golden Bear 14' x 10' Dome Tent
14' x 10' Video
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Golden Bear Explorer Series 15' x 12' Cabin Tent
15' x 12' Video
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Golden Bear 20' x 10' Tunnel Tent
20' x 10' Video
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